When Do You Need Business Counseling?

Here are some of the clues.

•  Do you spend most of your time putting out fires?

•  Does it feel like the marketplace is shifting under your feet?

•  Have your usual solutions missed the mark recently?

•  Are you missing opportunities to grow your business?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone.

Many owners struggle to grow their businesses, finding themselves in a repetitive loop of busyness that leads to little or no growth. They feel stuck and frustrated. I know how that feels. I’ve been there.

Do you want to feel confident that you’re taking the right steps to grow your company?

From my work with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that the most successful businesses do two things:

•  When they come across a business challenge they react quickly and know how to develop multiple solutions

•  When a new opportunity comes along, they can easily determine if and how they can take advantage of it

The ideal position is to have the skills, tools, understanding, and resources to take advantage of situations that come your way instead of defaulting into old not-very-helpful habits.

This is Why You May Be Struggling

As the owner of three successive businesses, I’ve had my share of struggles and learned that there are two hurdles you’ll need to jump:

Unproductive business processes. Systems in place may not be effective, are dated, or need to be tossed or replaced. If you’re not aware of this or don’t act, they continue to churn out problems.

Unhelpful habits. In the extreme, unproductive practices overwhelm our confidence and can actually drive us out of business. These habits often hide in the background, doing damage.

Here’s What You Need to Do

Hit the Pause button. It may be time to step back from your business and approach things differently. You may want to consider how to:

•  Recognize the resources that you possess but are not using

•  Examine how you invest your time

•  Consider innovating new profitable products and services

•  Plan for an energizing proactive environment to prevent emergencies

•  Reassess how decisions are made

This is a VERY TOUGH PATH to take on your own.

We work with Entrepreneurs who want to get to the next level. Your current beliefs and strategies may cloud your thinking. To step away from your business and see things clearly, you need a trusted sounding board.

We help you hit the pause button, step back, and approach things in new ways so that you can take advantage of new opportunities.

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