How the S-Curve Helps You
Grow Your Business

All businesses share an underlying pattern of ups and downs. Knowing the pattern tells you what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, and when trying to stay in park is actually your biggest risk.

a. Start-Up

Start Up businesses inevitably are buoyed by the energy of the “great idea” and the excitement of feeling in charge of your destiny. However, the internal and external forces soon begin to drain resources – time, money and the fragile infrastructure of a new business. So there is an almost immediate downward slope on the S-Curve.

Drawing: A needs to be higher up at the very beginning of the S-Curve and that the downward slope is more exaggerated.

b. Growing

Your business has found its rhythm of alignment with your target market. You are showing profits, integrating systems and responding to external changes in the marketplace.

THIS IS THE IDEAL TIME to start asking yourself “What’s next” and getting ready to integrate a system of innovating new products and services or innovating fresh processes for your current products and services Understanding your position on the S-curve in relationship to your pipeline of potential clients.

c. Cresting

Your business is “zooming” along. Humming with synergistic human and technology systems and well established business systems. Responding quickly and qualitatively to established customers and attracting a significant number of new customers. Integration of your “what’s next?” innovation system is established enough for you to be moving into testing the 2-3 viable ideas you have identified (through your innovation process) for new products, services and/or business processes.

d. Uh-oh

You missed your opportunity to ask “what’s next” at point B because you were mesmerized by making a profit and things “seeming” to be just fine. You are not prepared to launch any new products , services or processes.

Your current products and services no longer enjoy an ever expanding market response; your competitors have moved into your niche market with similar products and services at a lower price, enhanced quality or faster to market response. You spend your day putting out fires AND looking for the right firefighting tools.

You have no time or other resources to plan and adapt to current market demands with new innovative products and services.

You are on a fast moving slide into being out of “this” business. The only thing you can really do at this point is let go of the business you have and start a new one from scratch. It is impossible to recover once you are at this point. Essentially the only thing left is the damage from your crash to the bottom.

e. Start anew

If you have decided to start another business spend your time in this valley really evaluating what you have learned from your crash. Many very successful and wealthy entrepreneurs have crashed – some several times – . It’s not the failure that counts but what learning and opportunities that have revealed themselves during this “hairy” ride to the bottom.

To know your best course of action and when it’s time to change direction, understand where you are now. All businesses share an underlying pattern of ups and downs. Knowing the pattern tells you what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, and when trying to stay in park is actually your biggest risk.

The Sigmoid pattern, or S-Curve, demonstrates whether a business is on an up-slope, down slope, has plateau-ed or is in a slough.

It’s based on a well-established truth that underlies all natural growth cycles as well as human endeavors. Business thought leaders depend heavily on this principle to make sense of why many successful businesses find themselves on a slippery down slope. And in today’s fast changing world, business slopes happen faster–– and they’re steeper.

What does the S-Curve mean to you?

It can tell you where in the natural progression you are now, so you can make better decisions about what to do next. It helps explain why trying to stay parked on either the upside or downside of a steep curve is highly risky if you are not prepared. Why not pick the slope you want to drive on, rather than find yourself forced to use the emergency brake?

An EOTR  professional shows you how to take advantage of what the S-Curve reveals about your business. It’s one of many tools we use to help you become highly aware of where to drive your business, and when it’s time to accelerate, innovate or totally re-invent your business.We help you see over the hill and stay in control.

The S-Curve also visualizes the important points at which a business owner needs to think, “what’s next?” Learn to read the signs. Otherwise, the gravitational pull of marketplace and competitors make their business speed downwards.

Your Next Step

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