What We Do

We Work With Entrepreneurial Business Owners

Typically, our clients have been in business at least three years, are in the Metropolitan New York area, and aspire to have revenues of up to $50 million with fewer than 50 employees. Our clients:

•  Know that they don’t know everything they need to know

•  Consistently ask, “What’s Next?” and seek  help to get there

•  Seek excellence in all that they do

•  Want to think and work strategically

•  Want to learn how to transform mistakes into opportunities

How We Work

Our goal at Executive on-the-run is to improve your bottom line. We believe you are the best problem-solver for your company, and that our job is to help you fully engage your capacities and focus on your goals.

We help you:

•  Mobilize your resources to meet immediate challenges

•  Analyze the current marketplace for your product or service

•  Assess your strengths and existing capabilities

•  Map the best course for the short, mid and long term

•  Stay accountable to your vision and goals

•  Develop the organizational culture necessary to your vision

Our Work is About You

We don’t just add tools, ideas, and concepts to the table. We work with you to identify your strengths and align them with your goals. You are the biggest factor in the success of your business – and that’s the key.

Executive on-the-run is one of the few business-counseling services committed to helping you achieve a specific rate of growth in a given period and sustaining it on your own.

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