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100-Days-to-Action Program

Responding to the needs of a highly diverse clientele of entrepreneurs, success coach Dianne Parker created a tightly focused 100-day process to help business owners break through to dramatic business growth.

The greatest ideas and plans are useless until they’re put into action. The Executive on-the-run 100 Days-to-Action Program helps you leap ahead in ways you may have previously thought impossible.

During the 100-Day Action Program, your group of eight to 10 members, all of whom are experienced business owners, meets for four intensive sessions in a central Long Island location. Each member also receives up to three hours of private business strategy sessions with
Executive on-the-run CEO Dianne Parker. And unlimited email access.  Member interaction is encouraged between sessions through a secure on-line forum.

Dianne also offers a private 100 Days-to-Action Program , customized to grow your business now.

You’ll Take Away

&#10003 Fresh ways of seeing your business, including a system for breaking out of any mental silos brought on by the daily demands of   managing your business.

&#10003 A keen ability to recognize true underlying problems and those you can safely ignore. This frees you up to focus on transforming challenges into opportunities that propel your business forward.

&#10003 Hands-on experience with activating new tools, skills and your own capacities to innovate in response to your changing target market.

&#10003 A system for making more deliberate choices, assessing the viability of new directions and avoiding unproductive side paths

After participating in the 100 Days-to-Action Program, you’ll have at your fingertips previously hidden opportunities for growth and profit. You’ll be ready to launch your own Action Plan. Unlike a business plan, this will be a concrete, step-by-step blueprint you can work with immediately to activate more profitable decisions in marketing, sales, staffing, finance, strategic alliances and more.

Ready to Take Action?

Take your first step to tell us about you.

Executive on-the-run Action Groups are forming now. Space is limited. To ensure that my 100 Days-to-Action Program fits your business aspirations answer five quick questions in five minutes.

To explore these options—and/or ask questions—call Dianne now for your complimentary phone session – 631-470-3537.

How Do We Know It Works?

Here’s what our clients say.

“Thanks to working with Dianne in her Action Program, I’m not afraid of all the demands of a brand new start-up. I set aside a lot more time for strategic business development with a focus now on what’s profitable. THIS IS HUGE. This has been one of the most powerful business experiences possible. I really don’t know what more I have possibly asked for.”

John Semioli – President/CEO – Advanced American Engineering, PLLC

“As far as I’m concerned, you’re a miracle worker. Within just 100 days, you have done with me things absolutely no one else could do. I have become a conscious competent instead of an unconscious one. You helped me become so much more proactive rather than reactive towards my business strategies and goals. That’s big. I am actually making plans!“

Gail Gladstone – President – Long Island Business Brokerage, Inc. and The Gladstone Group

“My business has really taken off since working with Dianne and her 100 Days-to-Action Program. I like to tell people all the time how her influence, insight and support have completely transformed my business from struggling to doubling the number of clients in a very short period of time.“

Hugh McIvor – Master Golf Coach – Golf247USA

“Dianne has helped me to see things I hadn’t seen on my own. I’ve found that through my work with Dianne’s 100 Days-to-Action Program and the actions she helped me take, opportunities in line with my goals are showing up, almost out of thin air. I’ve made substantial progress towards reaching goals that I’ve had for a long time but haven’t moved forward on.”

Jeff Goldberg – National Sales Speaker, Trainer and Coach

If any of this strikes a special cord with you, call now! You can also ask us to put you in touch with someone who experienced a challenge and/or opportunity similar to yours.

Our Guarantee

We will gladly (no questions asked) return your first month’s fee if you do not find that your Action Group immediately puts you on an accelerated path to grow your business.