Business Counseling

Do you want to double the size of your business
in the next year?

Our Breakout focused services are for business owners who want to double the size of their business in a defined time frame. With a wise, experienced sounding board (or team as needed) to help you weed through challenging situations or to uncover opportunities for new products and service, you can accelerate break-through business growth.

Some things we initiate with you:

  • Uncover blocks to success you might not see
  • Tap into hidden resources that move things along faster
  • Identify new possibilities for sustainable success
  • Help you get excited and feel renewed instead of wiped out

Achieve big goals.

We focus on helping you develop the skills and resources needed to establish within your business the step-by-step processes that can propel exponential growth.  Things we work on together:

  • Determining if your business is prepared to double its growth
  • Helping you to identify viable new products, services and/or processes
  • Aligning viable ideas with market trends and best response timing
  • Developing a strategy to bring the selected idea to market
  • Identifying sources of funding
  • Integrating the process to attract and hire the right people to implement your growth goals

In close consultation with you, we enter into your business to help figure out what you have, what you need, and where your challenges and opportunities lie.

You’ll walk away with…an idea for a viable new product, service or business process and a plan to help launch it. You’ll receive concrete ongoing support in evaluating your project’s potential success.

We lay out actions for leveraging your existing resources and amplifying them to meet your goals for business breakout growth.

If this looks like it might be for you, then take your next step.