100-Days-to-Action Groups for CREATIVES

For Talented People Who Are Ready to Focus on Business

Do you dream about…

√  Making a living from your own creative work?

√  Knowing more about the art of business AND the business of art?

√  Enjoying strong support from other entrepreneurial creatives?

If you want to make a better living from your creative work, the 100-Days-to-Action Group is for you.

Whether you are a visual or performing artist, designer, artisan or writer, this group will begin building your entrepreneurial skills immediately.

What You Learn

Working with a group of your peers, you’ll develop your own customized 100-day Action Plan to map out your entrepreneurial path.

You’ll learn easy ways to: strategize how to brand yourself and market your work… manage a business…compete in a crowded field…assess your best-fit target markets…read marketplace trends…sustain profitable ongoing customer relationships…create and organize simple business systems.

How It Works

  • 8 to 10 members are selected to create a balanced Action Group
  • Your group meets for up to 7 sessions over a 100-day period
  • Sessions are led by business strategist (and artist) Dianne Parker
  • Up to 3 hours of private business consulting are included
  • Meetings are held in central Long Island location

Our Guarantee

You will leave Executive on-the-run’s 100-Days-to-Action group with your own custom action plan. OR we will gladly (no questions asked) return your first month’s fee if you do not find that our Action Group immediately sets you on the path of business development.

Your Next Step

Next Action Groups begin in September…….Space is limited. To ensure that an Action Group fits your business aspirations, we’ll only have small number of entrepreneurs joining this group. Answer five quick questions about your company (five minutes of your time).

Take the first step and tell us about you.