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100 Days-to-Action ProgramTM

In response to the needs of a highly diverse clientele of entrepreneurs, Dianne Parker created a tightly focused 100-day process to help business owners break through to dramatic business growth.

Join a group of dynamic entrepreneurs who, like you, want to accelerate their business growth. Working closely with Dianne during her 100 Days-to-Action program, you’ll integrate new ways of clarifying and then accelerating your top 3 strategic goals.  Along with your peers, re-channel your strengths to better capitalize on your resources. You’ll expand your business vision and capture it with specific strategic activities laid out in your own immediate step-by-step action plan.

During the 100-day program, your group of eight to 10 members, all of whom have at least three years’ experience as a business owner, meets for four intensive sessions in a central Long Island location. Each member also receives up to three hours of private business strategy sessions with Dianne. And interacts between session through an on-line secure forum Dianne sets up for each entrepreneurial action group.

Or you can engage Dianne in her private one-on-one 100 Days-to-Action program of individualized business strategy sessions.

What You’ll Do

  • Redefine and reimagine your big-picture goals.
  • Create a baseline against which to measure your progress.
  • Make better, more deliberate choices while avoiding unproductive side paths.
  • Develop greater ability to implement action-oriented strategies.
  • Experience a system to recognize and advance viable opportunities.
  • Reassess your connection to the shifting marketplace and know what to let go of and which new pathways to open.
  • Better understand how to manage your time and focus on what’s important.
  • Create your own easy-to-use 100-day plan to activate more profitable decisions in marketing, sales, staffing, finances, strategic alliances and more…in all six essentials of business.

As a result of participating in 100 Days-to-Action some business owners will be ready to build and implement their own 100-day Action Plan. Others will choose to participate in the Advanced 100 Days-OF-Action Program.

Ready to Take Action?

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You’ll Take Away…

Fresh ways of seeing your business, including a system for breaking out of any mental silos brought on by the daily demands of managing your business.

A keen ability to recognize true underlying problems and those you can safely ignore.

A simple process to expand your business problem-solving abilities.

Enhanced strategies for innovating when you need it.

Hands-on experience with activating new tools, skills and capacities demanded by your changing marketplace.

Your Next Action

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Our Guarantee

We will gladly (no questions asked) return your first month’s fee if you do not find that your Action Group immediately puts you on an accelerated path to grow your business.