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Dianne Parker, Business Growth Strategist

My mission is to help Long Island entrepreneurs thrive. As a serial entrepreneur myself, I know how the immediate distracts us from the critical and keeps us from stepping back to strategize. I also know–-from my clients’ experience as well as my own–that the best way to grow the bottom line is to capitalize on strengths you already own.

So I build on those strengths and show you how to use them more powerfully. You are your company’s best resource. What you need, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, is a highly informed sounding board to sharpen your perspective. This fuels your ability to transform turning points into opportunities.

Executive on-the-run is dedicated to filling that need. In addition to my practical experience, I bring intensive training in best management practice, plus a resource of expert specialists to call on if needed.

I built my business to help you build yours.

About Executive on-the-run

Dianne created Executive on-the-run in 2002 because she wanted to work closely with entrepreneurs like herself. Dianne has worked with all kinds of entrepreneurs in virtually all professions, and with the public sector on entrepreneurial government projects such as small business incubators and Chambers of Commerce.

Executive on-the-run works with entrepreneurs collaboratively. We believe businesses and organizations have a foundation of strengths and resources they need to build to the next level. We enter into the business to help accelerate progress towards a business vision. Our focus is to act more like a catalyst than a “magic wand,” energizing you and your team to explore and activate underutilized resources and talents.

We employ solid, state-of-the-art, digestible business practices so that when we complete our time together, you have expanded and built your strengths and your business acumen.

We help you know what you don’t know–and need to–in order to reach your business goals with balance, integrity and steady powerful know-how. Since 2002, we have helped many business owners and organizations activate and realize their professional business dreams.

About Dianne Parker

Dianne Parker created and sold two successful businesses. Now she focuses on helping other entrepreneurs resolve their business challenges, identify hidden opportunities, and attain new levels of business growth.

Dianne sought out and learned from the best management gurus, thought leaders and programs she could find. She has synthesized her own approach to help other business owners leapfrog their enterprises past marketplace shifts and business turning points. Her practical guidance helps engrain and sustain smarter business habits.

Her out-of-the-box thinking, fueled by her own practical experience, broad business background and specialized training, empowers small to mid-sized entrepreneurial companies and organizations to innovate new products, services and processes.

As a pivotal force in Long Island community leadership development and the launch of major economic development projects, she is adept in creating collaborative business, government, and not-for-profit sector enterprises.

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