Hugh McIvor said…

Just thought that the key benefits that I’ve got from the 100 days program so far are:

C = CAPTURE. The program has allowed me to “herd” and embrace the many thoughts, beliefs, desires and actions that I’ve been dealing with in my business so far.

C = CLARIFY. The program has allowed me to focus on what’s important and align goals to my business that are vision-oriented, practical and emotionally supported.

C = COMMIT. The program has given me a greater sense of purpose toward taking action in realistic, business/revenue producing activities. The perspective of just doing achievable things each day and seeing them contribute towards an end-game, rather than being overwhelmed and stuck has been wonderfully liberating from stress and a personal and business identity of struggle.

C = CONTROL. The program has structure that is neither too long term (and far away motivationally) or too short term (and generating additional helplessness and panic) for the business. The 100 days is a time horizon over which you can really get hold of your business and see positive results.

I could go on with COMMUNICATION, CO-CREATION, CONTRIBUTION, COST-EFFECTIVENESS and even “CENT-SATIONAL”, but hopefully you get the idea I’m a total smart ass!!!

Thank you again for all your support Dianne.

Hugh McIvor
Master Golf Coach – GOLF24/7USA