Jeff Goldberg says…

Working with Dianne Parker has, indeed, put me into action. Her 100 Days to Action program is exactly what it sounds like and she delivers. Dianne is part psychologist, part coach, part mom and all good! Her caring about what I’m committed to comes through in each of our interactions. Through her questions, techniques and suggestions I’ve made substantial progress towards reaching goals that I’ve had for a long time but haven’t moved forward on…in other words they were good ideas but that was all.

Even though I’ve co-authored a book about achieving goals, I found that some of things I said were important to me just weren’t happening. Even a coach needs a coach sometimes and Dianne is that coach. She’s helped me to see things I hadn’t seen on my own and in her non-drill sergeant way (she’s more the soft-spoken type with a deadly aim at what’s really important) she’s shown me that inaction is a choice just as is action. Inaction (or simply talking about what you want to accomplish) isn’t the same as taking action and Dianne’s 100 Days to Action Plan has done as promised…helped me put myself into action!

On top of that, I’ve found that through my work with Dianne and the actions I’ve already taken (we’re about halfway through the 100 days) opportunities regarding my goals are showing up, almost out of thin air. For example, one of my goals is to produce products (CDs and DVDs) to sell. Just the other day I was made aware of someone who helps people like me produce those types of products. Could I have located this woman on my own? Probably if I had bothered to search for her but it was interesting to me and, I believe, no coincidence that the referral to her came now, while I’m working with Dianne on this exact goal.

I highly recommend Dianne’s services to anyone who is tired of just talking about what they want to do and is ready to take action to achieve their goals!

Jeff Goldberg
National Sales Speaker, Trainer and Coach